Lopa Removals is a relocation company that has perfectly managed to balance quality. time and cost, and by doing this, they have solved most of the problems in European Relocation industry. Lopa Removals helps institutions, individuals, and businesses to move their property with easy where they exercise flexibility and transparency. Below are some of the services offered by Lopa Removals.


Packing Services

     At times, you may be too busy to pack the thing you want to be moved, well, with Lopa Removals you don't have to worry since they can do all the packing for you. The company has quality packing materials that ensure your property remain intact before and during transportation. Packing is done a day before the transportation, you save yourself a lot of trouble by requesting these services.


Disassembly and Reassembly

     Lopa Removal prepares all your furniture that cannot be transported without being disassembled since they are very big to fit on the truck. Such furniture includes large tables, beds, and wardrobes. After the disassembling the furniture they then wrap everything with a woolly blanket. Once your property reaches the destination the Loapa Removals team reassemble the furniture in that you can use it within the hour.


Furniture Lift

     Lopa Removals has a way to ensure your properties do get destroyed when they are being moved from your apartment to the transportation track just because the apartment has a narrow staircase. Every time they notice they are moving a client whose apartment has a narrow staircase they arrange an external lift which not only is it convenient but also very cost effective.


Sofa Covers


     The value of your sofas can lose their value if exposed to dirt or unavailable weather condition such as rain during transportation. For that reason, Lopa Removals usually cover your sofas with a strong plastic cover which protect them from dust, water or other forms of damage during transportation.

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Why Use Lopa Removals?

Lopa removals is a trusted International Moving Specialist. Their reputation has been built on excellent service. They are insured, protected and employ outstanding trained staff. Because Lopa is picking up and delivering numerous items along their routes, you are getting the best possible price because you are actually sharing the ride. You will be given a guide for your new location and provide you with places to visit.

How to Get Started

Contact Lopa Removals and tell them what it is that you are looking to have moved. An estimator will put together a personalized quote just for you and your needs. After you have looked over the quote, you will select the best options for you and the time frame that you will need your items. Finally, pick a date and you are on your way to a stress-free move

Too busy to pack your belongings, Lopa Removals has a team of professional packers who will package and wrap everything. Even custom crating is available for those items that are in need of extra special wrapping.

You are also able to select if you want external lifts, these lifts are great options if you have small, winding stairways. The use of external lifts is just another way to ensure your items are handled very professionally.

Upon Arrival to your destination

The staff will unload the truck(s), uncrate and unpackage all items, they will put you beds back together and any furniture that had to be disassembled for transport.

Lopa a Caring Business

Lopa has partnered up with BIGI, a global business giving initiative. This initiative provides means for children.

Lopa is the answer

Having Lopa Removals at your service, moving can be a worry free and painless way to get your items relocated. Read more advice on Removals to Switzerland come visit our site.